Kerry Norman

World-Class Artist

Kerry Norman is a freelance Mixed Media and Visual Artist, Sculptor, Transpersonal Art Therapist.

Her 30+ year career in realm of art has been a journey of texture, design and enlightenment. Her expression of art demonstrates her broad spectrum of artistic styles as each piece evolves individual character that speaks for themselves… With art pieces featured in local and exhibitions abroad, Kerry’s style is becoming well known and adored by many. You can attend her workshops to pick up new skills or to simply enjoy time in Kerry’s studio – were the vibration is always full of joy & laughter.

Noosa Open Studios


The1st, 2nd and 3rd and also Wednesday the 6th and then the 8th, 9th and 10 of October 2021 

Open: 10am - 4pm

I am pleased to be part of the Noosa Open Studios again this year. With a series of new artworks and sculptures that I am excited to present. 

For more info please contact me at 


Artwork Available to buy online

Half & Full Day Workshops

Location: Heaven On Earth Studio Gallery, Noosa Hinterland.

Join in the fun with other participants at Kerry’s ‘Heaven on Earth’ Art Studio for Morning Tea and Group Art Therapy. Learn new art process and how to explore and create a piece of art to take home after class! Participants of group classes always become friends and feel supported by each other as everyone begins to discover more about themselves during the therapy processes introduced.

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Corporate Events

Guest Speaking & Group Workshops

Be inspired & empowered to make a change in your life through the joy of art.

Kerry Norman is a registered Transpersonal Art Therapist and counsellor who is specially trained in facilitating emotions through the process of creating art. Kerry's heartfelt talks personally capture the attention of her listeners as they realise and get excited to learn the benefits of art, different mediums to use, and therapy processes you do to create art. Listeners discover how joy can be ignited through creativity, which increases well-being and leads to a more fulfilling life. Her talks are truly beautiful and insightful.


For more information and to schedule Kerry as a guest speaker at your event, or to run an art workshop, please leave your details in the contact form or phone Kerry on 0409 123 098. 


Spend time with Kerry for individual art tuition or transpersonal art therapy.

Private Classes

Find your joy again through art...

I am a process based artist, it is all about the journey of creating while learning new techniques of the the differing art mediums. Through Kerry you may discover your preferred mediums by enjoying the exploration of, pastels, inks, acrylics, water colour, clay sculpture and eco art.

In a transpersonal session, through gentle guidance using pastels Kerry assists in bring forth a symbolic image of meaning from within you. Through this it can be quite revealing and healing. Kerry then facilitates a discussion to explore the personal meaning of the subconscious emotions and symbolism of your artwork. This can help you discover and reconnect to your inner joy.


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In Kerry’s classes, everyone creates their own individual, symbolic and unique artworks.

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Registered Art Therapist

Australian Counselling Association & Holistic Therapists Association Inc.

Dip. Transpersonal Art Therapy

Dip. Counselling


Kerry Norman

Kerry Norman is an innovative artist, with a passion for creating and teaching.

Kerry's creations stem from an amazing life journey, raising a family on the land at Gunnedah NSW, overcoming health concerns and evolving on a personal level – a combination of experiences that have delivered more depth and soul meaning to her personally, and her artistic outcomes professionally in her sculptures, paintings and art therapy workshops.

Kerry has a large network of colleagues and friends within the art community. Her contacts spread nationally and globally, as does Kerry’s art experience and exhibitions throughout Australia and Europe. Kerry’s paintings vary in style and mixed media. They evolve themselves beyond the initial plan like discovering pieces of a puzzle, and this is why Kerry is known as an intuitive artist and her work is well sought after.

MORTAL PORTALS™ known as human windows was created by Kerry Norman in 2007. This inspired creation came from a 6 week artist retreat in Greece and Italy lead by Canberra Artist Michael Winters and Maleny Sculptor Janna Parmaijer in 2007. The following year 2008, Kerry held a solo exhibition in Goondiwindi Australia, opened by mentor Val Fitzpatrick, artist in Canberra, and Janna Parmeijer, sculptor in Maleny. A successful showing resulted in an 80% sell out on the opening night. Kerry’s MORTAL PORTALS™ can be seen in many locations as customers continue to purchase the captivating sculptures.

Kerry’s personal growth and love for art lead to a Diploma in Transpersonal Art Therapy and then a Diploma in Counselling.Kerry has experienced the healing power of art and enjoys helping others embrace aspects of themselves that become discovered through the journey of the art process that otherwise would remain unconscious. Creative processes utilise texture and colour, a visual-sensory impression felt by the hands of the artists. There is a potential to tap into self-knowing on a soul level.

Kerry has a passion for sharing her skills and knowledge of art and life whether as a guest speaker at functions or facilitating private, small or large group workshops. These can be held in her studio in the Eumundi/Noosa Hinterland or other venues and towns. Art is a way of finding joy within and discovered parts of yourself as well as creating a sense of well being and fulfilment.


Visual Art, Mixed Media & Sculpture

A Sneak Peek in side Kerry's Portfolio

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Kerry expresses a broad spectrum of artistic styles, which continue to evolve over her 30+ year career.

Visual Art, Mixed media & Sculpture



Kerry's personal creation of “human window” sculptures depicting archetypes, mannerisms and aspects of people, ambiguously seen by your imagination. Kerry uses a variety of clay such as coarse raku, which is very appropriate, earthy and grounding. Kerry's sculpture's are contemporary, individual, quirky and unique - and very popular!



Visual Art

Brush strokes of acrylic paints on canvas, Kerry captures her visual memories and imagination through colour creation.

Art Therapy

Mixed Media

Kerry utilises soft and hard pastels with other mediums to experience the joy of art and to assist others in finding their path through art.



Kerry's art work and classes have been loved by so many over the years. You too can leave Kerry a testimonial below in the contact form. She would be delighted to share your story and kind words.

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Val Fitzpatrick (Canberra) - Kerry's first & lifelong mentor since 1980's.

"Much of Kerry's works are influenced by the moods & surroundings that is in. Often images are hand drawn hundreds of times in notebooks, on corners of serviettes, on old envelopes or dockets, until her idea is settled and true. Kerry then takes her idea further on canvas selecting the most complimentary medium for the final work. Sometimes ideas come quickly so there is no prior preparation and the work flows directly from hand to canvas."

“Over the years, despite our differences in ages, Kerry and I became good friends…soul mates actually, with limited time spent together. I say limitted because Kerry’s life on the land was a very full and busy one. She would sometimes be called away from class to attend the needs of the farm. As Kerry’s children grew and became less dependant, she found some time to pursue this desire and she attended classes and workshops and art schools, culminating when she joined me on a study trip to Greece with Michael Winters as her art tutor and after that, a trip to Italy with Janna to get serious about Sculpture. She returned home from these two trips exhausted but fulfilled and ready to attend to the ideas she had amassed in her sketch book for her exhibition."

Kerry Norman

"Do what you love, and love what you do."


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Please phone Kerry on 0409 123 098 or fill in the form to register and find out more about art therapy classes and events.

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